ComputeD Tomography (CT)

Our range of services essentially includes the diagnostic examinations of all regions of the body after the justifying indication has been established:

  • CT scanning of the brain/skull
  • CT scanning of the spine
  • CT scanning of the thorax/lung
  • CT scanning of the abdomen (abdominal organs)
  • CT scanning of the pelvis
  • CT scanning of the joints
  • CT scanning of the arteries (angiography): Head/neck, aorta, pelvis/legs, arms
  • CT scanning of the heart/coronary arteries/coronary angiography

In addition to a particularly low-radiation technique, state-of-the-art reconstruction algorithms with 2D and 3D representations are used.


Existing expertise in interventional pain therapy. The indication for a CT-guided nerve root blockage (periradicular infiltration) is provided by radicular (radiating) pain caused by the impairment of a nerve root. A CT-guided facet joint infiltration can provide temporary relief of pain in degenerative chronic facet joint syndrome – usually for a few months.

When required, CT-guided interventions such as drainage, puncture, biopsy and wire marking are performed.



Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
Computed Tomography (CT)
Digital X-Ray
Nuclear Medicine/Scintigraphy
Breast Diagnostics / Mammography
Sonography / Ultrasound
Bone Densitometry
Periradicular Pain Management (PRT)


Doctores / Specialists

Dr. med. Alexander Kamp
Dr. med. Gabert Heidrich
Martin Kupfer
Dr. med. Bernhard Baumert


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